Setup SMTP Email


A turnkey and fixed-price way to prevent email from your Open edX platform getting flagged as junk mail by your students.



The most prevalent technical challenge facing new Open edX site operators is that platform-generated emails are almost always flagged as junk by the recipient’s mail programs. Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail and other popular email management software applications look for telltale characteristics of email spam, and unfortunately, the default email configuration of Open edX generates emails with exactly these characteristics. An effective way to solve this problem is to setup a dedicated gmail account for your Open edX platform and then reconfigure the email parameters accordingly.

Setting up SMTP email is also great way to gather analytics about what your users are doing on the site. Simply by monitoring the sent mail of your SMTP mail platform you can see specifics about new users, about bug reports, about lost passwords and so on.

You can read more about how to setup SMTP mail on your Open edX platform in this blog post. If that seems too complicated, or too time consuming for your taste then my fixed-price SMTP mail setup service might be for you.

Check my blog for instructions on how to do this yourself for free!


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