Self Serve Hosting

$25.00 / month

A high-powered no frills hosting solution for proficient do-it-yourselfers. Start taking advantage of a bottomless pit of processing power, bandwidth and storage capacity; all at an incredibly attractive price.



Do you administer your own WordPress site? Enjoy the performance and authoring flexibility of your own WordPress environment with absolutely no limitations on storage, plugin installations, CPU nor network bandwidth usage. Start taking advantage of a WordPress-optimized, horizontally-scalable managed hosting environment for less than the cost of a small single-processor virtual server from Amazon Web Services.

With Self-Serve hosting you enjoy

  • Personalized Support
  • Unlimited storage
  • No CPU limits
  • A Free SSL Certificate for your site
  • Daily environment backups
  • Guaranteed Up-time
  • WordPress performance optimizations
  • Site anti intrusion technology

Start taking advantage of extraordinary price-performance value with Self-Serve Hosting. Your site will always deliver maximum page download performance to your site visitors when you need it most.


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