Virtual Web Master

$100.00 / month

A smart long-term choice for small teams with no in-house IT support nor webmaster. I take care of the heavy lifting for you as you continue to evolve your site.



Stop losing time trying to solve your own technical problems. Keep your web content team moving forward with 100% efficiency with my most comprehensive web solution: Virtual Web Master. All site software, theme and plugin upgrades are handled for you, and additionally, you enjoy instant access to my years of WordPress development and management experience, whenever you need it!

Enjoy the performance and flexibility of your own WordPress environment with absolutely no limitations, and leverage the know-how of one of the Internet’s top WordPress professionals; all for the cost of dinner out.

With Virtual Web Master hosting you enjoy

  • Software upgrades
  • Personalized Support
  • Unlimited storage
  • No CPU limits
  • A Free SSL Certificate for your site
  • Daily environment backups
  • Guaranteed Up-time
  • WordPress performance optimizations
  • Site anti intrusion technology

Start taking advantage of extraordinary price-performance value with Self-Serve Hosting. Your site will always deliver maximum page download performance to your site visitors when you need it most.

I offer free migration services on new annual subscriptions. Ask me for details.


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