White Label Hosting

$12.50 / month

A resilient white-label hosting solution for web developers with client portfolios numbering in the dozens. Get started providing attractively-priced, hassle-free no-restriction hosting to your clients.



Are you a WordPress site developer? Start generating new revenue from your existing clients with White Label Hosting, a commercial-grade hosting solution for your clients that leverages the power and economy of scale of my highly optimized and horizontally-scalable WordPress hosting environment. You receive read-only access to my Amazon Web Services EC2 console where you can monitor performance attributes of your clients’ environments.

With White Label Hosting I provide

  • No Plugin Restrictions
  • No Theme Restrictions
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited CPU Bursting
  • Independent Load Balancers + SSL Certificate
  • Custom Firewall Settings
  • Site Anti-intrusion Technology
  • Daily Environment Backups
  • Guaranteed Up-time
  • WordPress Performance Optimizations

Start monetizing a new value-added service for your clients by offering them White Label Hosting. Their sites will always deliver maximum page download performance to their site visitors when they need it most.

I provide premium VIP support services to White Label Hosting customers. Minimum quantity of five sites. Volume discounting is available. Contact me for further details.

About The Platform

My hosting platform is used exclusively for WordPress sites. White Label Hosting is a fully horizontally-scaled solution that leverages the power of AWS’ load balancing technology as well as their RDS service for MySQL and Elastic File System. This platform will immediately and automatically respond to any volume of web traffic. I’m available any time at your convenience to explain in more technical detail how this works and which AWS services I include in this hosting platform.

Under The Hood

At the core of my hosting platform are high performance 4-processor EC-2 cluster nodes that can individually manage tens of thousands of page requests per minute. My platform preemptively auto-scales fresh additional server nodes by setting the scaling threshold to a conservatively low hurdle of 50% sustained overall average CPU utilization. This ensures that, no matter what’s happening with your clients’ sites, there are always plenty of processors and network bandwidth available to processor their page requests.

Additionally, each of your client’s domains are managed on their own independent AWS Elastic Load Balancer, facilitating performance fine tuning meanwhile maximizing optionality if the need for emergency contingency intervention procedures ever surfaces.


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